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The Newgrounds Slayers!

2008-01-31 17:24:59 by gamerdakota

I'm Head of Gathering evidence for DrugMan3's group,The Newgrounds Slayers.And you see,were currently looking for new members,so if you're interested in helping to get rid of stolen flashes,spammers,and other big annoyances on NG,then The Slayers is right for you!


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2008-02-02 17:07:05

shit i forgot the internet address link plz?

gamerdakota responds:

To what?


2008-02-02 17:46:54

nvm i found it (the website)

gamerdakota responds:



2008-02-02 21:34:54

also if you like parties and pr0ns, join the slayers lol

gamerdakota responds:

Yes,teh parties and teh pr0ns.