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I met BigBadRon today!

2008-02-14 16:37:50 by gamerdakota

Yes people,it is true.I met the NG Mod BigBadRon today! I was just walking the street when I saw him,wearing that weird bandana on his face.

"Hey,aren't you BigBadRon from" I asked him,with a massive smile across my face.
"Err,yeah.Do you go there?" He said.
"Yeah.You may remember me.I'm the guy that you...banned about uhm...30 times for no reason..."
"Oh yeah...I HATE J00! USUCK N I HOPE J00 DIE I WANT U TO DROP DEADZORZ!!!!!!111!!!!oneone!!" He shout angrily at me,then went on a murderous rampage,with a huge smile still on my face.

Then I realized what just happened.He sucked the soul right out of my body.

So heres the moral of the story kids,never go up to BBR and tell him you're from NG.Now,If you'll excuse me,I need to go give Death a BJ.


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2008-02-14 17:54:36

i has teh garbage whistol too.
it are teh win for its in have of cracks.
they let air go past walls.

gamerdakota responds:



2008-02-14 19:04:31

hmmm indeed
hey me and DM3 are thinking bout making a band on rock band lulz
i got lead guitar and DM is mad at me but he decided to take drums
you could be the funny voiced bastard that sings! :D

gamerdakota responds:

Don't have Rock Band yet :\


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