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Posted by gamerdakota - March 24th, 2008

What the hell?

For one,I don't know why I got banned.All he left for "Reason for ban" was a link to a deleted thread.Whats even weirder,BBR banned me.And he got demmoded.

Oh well,gives me time to work on making profile pics,headers,and icons for other people (Yeah,I know,plugging it),and to work on an idea for a flash game.

7 Day Ban

Posted by gamerdakota - March 22nd, 2008

Since I was getting tired of my old post,I've decided to do a new one! This time,its a horror story called Project Cyclonius.Enjoy!

It was freezing cold.The electricity had been out for 8 days now.Seth was finally able to start a fire on the few wet logs he was able to get from outside.All of the 6 people in the house huddled around the small fire.

The sounds started again.The rapid banging on the boarded up windows and doors.The horrible screeches and moans.They just remained quiet.Motionless.Pretending they weren't there.

The sounds got louder...and louder...and louder...and louder,the frightened people couldn't hear themselves think.Then,suddenly...it stopped.

Eric let out a sigh of relief.


The sound came from the basement.Then Seth remembered it.He forgot to board up the basement door in the backyard.

He grabbed his gun and ran to the door that leads down to the basement.Before he could do anything,an arm busted through the door and grabbed him by his face."AAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!"Seth shouted at the monsters hand ran its long nails down his face,and into his eye sockets.

Then the monster got really mad,and ripped off Seth's entire face.Then the monster broke through the basement door.The monster picked Seth up and threw him at one of the boarded up windows,breaking it,and letting more monsters.The awful high pitched screams that the monsters were making was enough to make anyone go deaf.

The tiny house was now filled with those monsters.

Most of the people in the house were killed,including young Michael,only 4 years old,and his mother was killed as well.

Only Eric,Mark,and Katherine were able to get out of the house.They were shocked to see what was going on outside.

A helicopter had crashed into a tall skyscraper.And Many once beautiful building were burned right to the ground.Most of the stores had been looted.And the smell.The smell of the dead bodies.People who though they could escape,and lying dead on the ground.

Things looked grim for escape,but either they escape or die trying.

They got into the car,and immediately locked every door.They soon found out that the creatures had followed them all the way to the car.They were banging and scratching all parts of the car.

Mark started the car and they sped off.

As they sped through the city they saw what those things had done.

The army had been sent in to control the situation.They were dead within minutes of arriving on the small island off of Georgia.

[More coming soon]

Project Cyclonius

Posted by gamerdakota - March 4th, 2008

Couldn't think of an idea for a new news post,so I've decided to do a list of people I like and I don't like,here goes.

gamerdakota-I'm very awesome.
Xavon-Super Brain Intelligent Man
SockMyDink-His username is dangerously close to saying "Suck my dick",which makes me smile.
PinballWizard976-Great taste in music.
Vndgl-He's posted on what,like 450 user pages?
AshfordPride-He saved my family from a burning building
killslasher-He helps me make lollermuffinz at the factory.
ShadowWest2k7-I really wanted to.
LOLZILLA-Master of teh lolz.
AbstractPathologist-He's kewl.
PantyWipe-We're getting married.
Zanarchy-Pretty cool guy.
StuffyOne-He's a robot.Robots are awesome.
Gergaloth-Gerg O's,Dennys',and such.
flashplayer5-Old friend.
knightsofthecircle-LOL WE R FRIENDZ!

gamerdakota-I suck. :(
hardyboyz1-Angry,wrestling obsessed,11 year olds on Newgrounds?GOD HELP US.
bernie-buddy-He's got a Bernie username,header,user image,and everything.Definitely,not obsessed.
Eman110-Worst photoshopper ever.
HippieSlayer23-Smelly Hippie.
AlexPerson-LOL HE SAWKS.
betty-Spamming jerkwad.


Also,what do you people think of my new sexy Patrick user image?

Posted by gamerdakota - March 3rd, 2008



Posted by gamerdakota - March 2nd, 2008

Banned Again.Stupid spam threads.How do we know the difference bewteen a spam thread and a normal one? Some are obvious,and some aren't.Sucks,because I was about to post in a Church Sign generator thread.


Posted by gamerdakota - March 1st, 2008

Wanna go out some time?


Posted by gamerdakota - February 28th, 2008

Ok,gamer's Flash Showcase is on hold right now,while I work with wegra2007 on Help! I'm on a Cliff 2!
I can't really disclose the plot now,but here is a picture of the main menu.

Help! I'm on a Cliff:2!

Posted by gamerdakota - February 27th, 2008

I've got quite a few websites which I wanna show you guys.Here's the list.Be sure to check out my new show,The Gamer.

Museum of Awesome (Old site,I don't update it anymore.)
The Gamer Show (FlameTerrors' and I's new video game review show,please watch and leave a comment)
YouTube account (My other YT account,not updated much.)

Posted by gamerdakota - February 25th, 2008

Who vandalized my page?!


Posted by gamerdakota - February 22nd, 2008

Great,another 3 day ban.Apparently,trying to get a white supremacist on the forums to stop being such a bigot on the forums is against the rules.