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Posted by gamerdakota - January 26th, 2008



Posted by gamerdakota - January 19th, 2008

Guess what? Guess...

Keep guessing...

Right! I'm going to be a voice actor in the upcoming Super MS Paint Brawl Flash series! I get to play some guy named "Mega"!

Posted by gamerdakota - December 28th, 2007

Screw Flash.Why would I want to pay 800$ dollars for an animation program,when there are much better free ones out there?

Pencil,for example.Sure,it doesn't have tweening,so you have to do it all frame by frame.But that is a good thing,as it gives all your animations a very cool about them,plus you can save it as flash files so you can upload them on NG.So I recommend you download that instead of paying all that cash.

Official Site.

Your welcome >:(

Posted by gamerdakota - December 9th, 2007

To furryism.

I've Converted

Posted by gamerdakota - November 17th, 2007

One night,A girl was baby sitting,when she decided to get on MySpace from there computer.
Babysitter:"leik omg im stuck babysittin these lil bratz"
She was chatting with her other MySpace Whore friends when she heard a strange noise outside.
"liek omg wut wuz dat?" She said. She looked out the window and saw nothing. But she was still a little nervous...and she saw that the front door was unlocked. "LEIK OMGBBQ!!!!!!!" She shouted in all caps. She ran to the door,but it was too late.The killer walked in and was running at her with a knife. "GTFO!!!!!!" She shouted at him. She ran back upstairs and saw she had 5 new MySpace Messages. At this point,the killer was right beside her. "leik hang on" She said to him. "omg!" she said. "What?" asked the killer. "Jill just got a new puppie look at the pic!" she said. "Aww...its sooooooo cute!" He said. Then there was a long silence. They both became bored (because MySpace is friggin' boring) and the killer began chasing her again.She ran outside into her yard and tripped on a rock about 50 times(because that happens in every horror movie) and the killer stabbed her in the face. Back inside,The babies were just now waking up,despite the commotion,and realized they were the only ones there. "like,wtf?" the baby said to the other.OMG U JUST RED IT NOW U GUNNA DIE COZ U RED IT AT MIDNITE THER WILL B A KILLAR UNDER UR BED AND HE WILL HAVE PIE BUT HE WON'T GIVE U ANY!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!1ONEONE!!!!!1111!!